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im an outdoorsy type, and i am about to own a ZR2. athough through a typo earlier i think i already said i had one... oops! anyways, i wanna get this back tent thing, cause im hunting and such, and need an easily accessed place to sleep. whatcha think about how this thing would look on an s-10?

and is a ford ranger bed the same size as an s-10s? cause if it isnt, then there aint a top for the s-10....

anywho, i dontwanna be in the woods with no place to sleep, and i want something i dont have to set up every night. this top stays up all the time unlike other bed tents. plus i can get in it from the cab via sliding rear window. as well, it rolls up in case you need the bed. look aroundat the pics. they dont look very attractive in picture, but in person they are bad ass. but only on the 4x4 extended cab small pickups.... especially a normal bed tacoma
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