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Camp N Drag July 19-21

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Who's going?
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ooh ooh ooh me!
i'll be there, should have the crewcab back on the road by then.
i am but no blazer this year. 12 1/2 hr drive for me lol
sweet if you guys see me give me a shout.
This will be my first year going, I am excited to be finishing my truck and driving it up to the show!
I hope to be there. It'll be my first time. If i do I'm going to try and roll up with a few peeps from my area. One was just in this past mt issue.
I'm gonna try and make it up I think. Hopefully see some old friends :woot:
scrubz let me know. we are leaving out Thursday and coming back Sunday.
Ill be there. Rollin out from st louis on thurs or fri. Not sure yet.
ill be bringing my silver blazer if i still own it for sure. leaving st. louis either thurs night or fri morn. im ready for sure. havent miss a cnd yet
Love that beast^^

I think some of us will be down from Ontario again, not sure who all is coming yet though
layd, i got 2 other guys going too but if you leave thurs let me know maybe we can all cruse together.

Last year i did the fri morning convoy.
there probly will still be a fri convoy. im just thinkin rolling thurse with like two other guys. we will c. but ya im down for rollin together
The convoy was fun. Just kinda wanna get there earlier. One more night of partying ;)
so how does the camping work just park and camp their or what? also am I going to get made fun of for having a static truck? lol
I'm for sure gonna make fun of you!
anyone have a hotel recommendation? i am camping but some of us are going to get a room for showers and whatnot.
Yeah you pull up and camp either with a club or on your own. Theres some areas that clubs haved reserved and some that are just fair game. Park your truck setup your tent, etc right next to your truck if you want.

I got a static truck, dont feel bad. Youll be fine dude just no drag sessions for us :((((

And they have showers, bathrooms.... there not the cleanest campground bathrooms but ive seen much much worse! Id say there average or slighly on the above average side as far as i saw.

Not sure but the closest hotels have to be at least 20 miles away. Its out in the sticks man. Besides all the fun happens at night.
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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