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Camp N Drag 2015

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Anyone on here going? I will be making the trip with my truck from Mass.
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Pearl91chevy, i was camped directly across from you guys. I towed my dime from teas, and left it on the trailer by the bathrooms. I was with the guys with the rootbeer colored Mazda, and pearl green Izuzu.
From Texas
Mainly it was all the lifted and 4x4 trucks there causing the damage. Most of them were locals, that thought they could get away with it. My buddies left their trailers and tow pigs on the side, and by Sunday, they were covered in mud. A few times the cops stopped them in the process, and gave them tickets. The partying wasnt that much of an issue, it was just the rain causing soft ground, and the 4x4's taking advantage of it.
The best coverage i have found is by www.Underground-Scene.com
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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