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Camp N Drag 2015

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Anyone on here going? I will be making the trip with my truck from Mass.
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Where in Mass. are you leaving from?
I live on the southcoast of Mass. New Bedford. We'll be going through CT. I'm kind of unsure if we should go around NYC or not and go through upstate NY. I dont want to jack my truck up on them shitty roads.

Yeah, I'll be there. Don't forget to hydrate before the trip. Lol

Oh I will be. I'll have a 16 hour drive to hydrate lol. Ill be drinking alot there. I'm giving up my vacation to go there so I'm going to party my ass off while im there lol. We'll have to link up there and have some beers. I think I recognize your truck from some camp n drag videos on youtube.

where is it? I might try to make it
Lake Waveland. I checked on Google you're 3 hours and 9 minutes away it says haha. You better make it man! I'm bringing my truck My 2 buddies are going in his SUV and we're renting a small uhaul trailer so we can bring everything and anything we'll need. My best friend I grew up with just moved out to Indiana too so he'll be meeting me down there too. we're still trying to bring a few more people hopefully some ladies but I dont feel like carrying dead weight around all weekend either lol. It's going to be a good time. I'm pumped for it. Motivation to finish the truck too.
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I used your location that you openly posted buddy
Look forward to seeing both your rides. the silverado sounds sick
Look forward to meeting some of you guys there. My truck should be done in the next week then shes getting new shoes and I'll be ready to roll.
Right on man. Look forward to meeting some of you there. Finally got to drive my truck yesterday. Cutting it close with only 12 days till I leave on the 2000 mile round trip lol. Look for the black static dropped s10 with Mass plates on it.
Leaving tomorrow at 3am to beat the NYC rush hour traffic. Dont think they'll be to many from Mass there if you see a black s10 with mass plates come say whats up and have a beer!
I really hope it doesnt rain!
Just got back today. 2178 miles round trip. Long ass ride. I had a blast for the exception of the mud and getting stuck in it and having my fresly painted chasis covered in mud and grass lol. Best show I've ever been too. Definitely will be there next year. Didnt meet anyone on here there...at least I think i didnt lol. lots of booze this weekend
I lost my valance and messed up my exhaust there. lol
Allow me to squash that rumor


The rain was a nightmare, Which caused the mud which was a nightmare and pretty much messed everything up. I agree there was a ton of people who didnt look like they were there for anything other then partying and had nothing to do with minitrucks at all. Some moron feel off the back of a lifted truck and they shut the road down for about an hour
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