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Those look to be 2000-2002 seats by the fabric.
I did 1999 seats which was the same just different fabric.
Any 1998-up seat will be the same basic design. The 93-97 is very similar as well. The Firebird TransAm seats also work in the same way.
Before New Seat Covers Made :

After New Seat Covers Made

those seat covers look real good. where did you get them done at and for how much?

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I have a 1995 S-10 LS Ext cab with 60/40 seats.
Will 1985-92 Camaro buckets seats work with the existing seat rails or
will I need S-10 bucket seat rails?

Will the Camaro seats bolt right to S-10 rails?
Will I need to drill holes in the floor to make them work?

Wish I could see the pics from this original post, does anyone have the DIY with pictures?


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93-02 are direct bolt in, the seat pattern changed in 98 though.
I have a 99 s10, so i if i get seats from a same year camaro will it bolt right on? I happen to have a some spare camaro parts from my old gal.

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Hey, brainiac, did you read the thread at all? Or even the title? All of the seats in this thread are 93-02 camaro seats.

I did read the thread and I did read the title of this thread. In case you missed it, here's what the title reads: "Camaro Seat Swap" < :tool:

I may be new to this forum, but I'm definitely not new to forums. I know how they work.

I was asking specifically what year model they came from because obviously these aren't in the 98-02. They're more than likely from a 94, but I wanted the person I quoted to tell me.

Thank you...so much.
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