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Camaro Seat Swap

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Should I host my pictures from my camaro seat swap install and make a how-to sticky? I know I like mine alot and I get a decent amount of requests from people for help, and I've got a fairly detailed set of instructions

I could e-mail it to somebody if they want to hose them, or I could throw them onto photobucket?
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Finally got a good pic of mine. I think they match the interior well.

a little long ago but what were these pulled from?
Hey, brainiac, did you read the thread at all? Or even the title? All of the seats in this thread are 93-02 camaro seats.

I did read the thread and I did read the title of this thread. In case you missed it, here's what the title reads: "Camaro Seat Swap" < :tool:

I may be new to this forum, but I'm definitely not new to forums. I know how they work.

I was asking specifically what year model they came from because obviously these aren't in the 98-02. They're more than likely from a 94, but I wanted the person I quoted to tell me.

Thank you...so much.
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Oh my gosh. You're so smart. You can Google!!! Gold star for you, sir! Gold star! :woot:

I'm sure not everyone on this forum is like you two. If so, it'd be a sad place to hang out.
Well, if you weren't so busy being a smartass, you could have seen that your answer is in those results.
Yep. My being a smartass is what precluded me from finding the answer I was looking for. You got it, pal!

People like to be spoon fed information these days.
People like to receive help from fellow enthusiasts on forums. Hence why forums even exist.

Your logic would mean you've never asked anyone a question about anything. Your logic would assume anything you've ever found out was from your own findings, never having received information from anyone else.
Either way, I now know they are from a 94 Camaro. Let's move on. :)

I think they look pretty good in JustanSS's truck. I'm thinking of doing the same to mine soon. Right now I'm working on getting a 2/3 drop installed (waiting on parts to come in this week). Just had the windows tinted. Ready to have my DD lookin' fresh. :D
1 - 5 of 128 Posts
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