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Camaro Seat Swap

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Should I host my pictures from my camaro seat swap install and make a how-to sticky? I know I like mine alot and I get a decent amount of requests from people for help, and I've got a fairly detailed set of instructions

I could e-mail it to somebody if they want to hose them, or I could throw them onto photobucket?
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I have a 1995 S-10 LS Ext cab with 60/40 seats.
Will 1985-92 Camaro buckets seats work with the existing seat rails or
will I need S-10 bucket seat rails?

Will the Camaro seats bolt right to S-10 rails?
Will I need to drill holes in the floor to make them work?

Wish I could see the pics from this original post, does anyone have the DIY with pictures?

The Camaro seats will bolt right to s10 tracks, and then bolt straight in. It's only 98+ trucks that you have to redrill holes.

Seems as though I have some more options now.
What year Camaro seats are best fit in a 95?
93-02 are direct bolt in, the seat pattern changed in 98 though.

Already located a few 93-95 sets to go look at.
1 - 3 of 128 Posts
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