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Camaro Seat Swap

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Should I host my pictures from my camaro seat swap install and make a how-to sticky? I know I like mine alot and I get a decent amount of requests from people for help, and I've got a fairly detailed set of instructions

I could e-mail it to somebody if they want to hose them, or I could throw them onto photobucket?
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Also consider this, you should be able to mount Camaro seats to the '95-'97 Blazer electric seat tracks and have power seats.
There a few consoles for manuals floating around. You just have to keep an eye out on ebay or Craigslist.
Did anyone ever try swapping the air pump setup from a trans am to adjust the seat bottom and lumbar supports? If not I'll let you know if I get lucky

^^^You might be the first.
Now if feel as if I must just to say I did it, plus it was always one of my favorite options in my ta, can imagine its much more difficult than swapping all the factory parts and wiring up the pump to a spare slot in the fuse block... Also want to attempt swapping in the center console out of the ta, not sure if it will fit or not but I think it would look cool to have both seats and console.. I'm sure some cutting trimming and such will be required along with the challenge of the parking brake conversion... already started grabbing up parts from a local u pull it yard dirt cheap, my truck is auto ATM but I eventually want to do a lsx (have LQ4 I plan to build after body /etc is finished) the complete pedal and hydrolic setup for $10 and $15 for the shifterless column, it is my hope that I can make the console work, throw the column in now and bolt in a floor mount ratchet shifter... so many things to do some little time..

You can use a floor shift and console from a Blazer/Bravada/Envoy. As far as the column shift goes, the shift handle and linkage can be removed without removing the entire column.
Can u then simply swap the covers? Sounds like that would save me a bit of time..
Covers? If you are referring to the plastic trim around steering wheel column or seats. Steering column, Yes. Seat trim, Not sure.
On my '95, I swapped column covers.
Hello, i was wondering if you could send me the pictures and steps you used? all the pics on the thread have been deleted.

Who are you directing the question to? And what pictures are you referring to?
Looks awesome what center console is that? do you have any other pictures of it?

Do you realize, you dug up a old thread?
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