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My 96 Sonoma extra cab 4.3 gave up the ghost a few months ago at 300k. Recently I decided it was time to dig her up and revive her. It has the L35 4.3L W CPI under the hood, which has been stripped of the TBI and had a 2114 and 1405 performer combo put in its place. This intake setup is going on a new XP1 reman bored .030 over. I will be adding (yet to be decided headers) along with a full, true dual 3" exhaust, and converting to a dual electric fan setup, among many other upgrades to come. This is all ahead of the M50 manual trans powering the 10 bolt 8.5" G80 rear diff with (subject to change) 3.08 gearing. My question is - where should I go with the cam? Eventually the heads will also be getting changed out later down the line, when I have the extra extra $1,200 to throw at it. I'm guessing for now I will have to, at very least, put an upgraded spring kit to them with the bigger and badder cam install?...but what is the biggest/best cam for where I am and where I'm headed?
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