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My truck has had a problem for some time now - very intermittant. I get in try and start and there is no power anywhere, no click, no lights, no dash lights, zero power. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it the truck works perfect again.

New battery and starter, the battery has top and side posts. When the truck has the problem occuring the battery side posts have 3 volts and the top posts read 12 volts. Disconnecting the battery for a second and reconnecting brings both back to 12 volts and the truck is perfect again.

Battery cables are clean and have continuity to the starter. What could cause the voltage to read 3 volts and the return to normal when the battery is temporarily disconnected? Ignition switch, security system, relay?????

I am going to pull one fuse at a time next time it happens to see which system brings the power back (assuming it works like disconnecting the battery).

Do you have any ideas???? How should I troubleshoot this problem?
Thanks for any help and ideas.....This is driving me crazy:eek:
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