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my fiance want teh blazer lower than what it is now with 3 inch djm arms and 4 inch djm angled blocks in back

we are going with a 3 inch drop spring and abel from belltech said next week the spindles are going on so thats good for 5 in front. rear im going with a 3 inch leaf and a 4 inch block so it sits about even. or a 3 inch block will have to see.

now right now with the xtreme blazer lowered leafs and 4 inch blocks rides ok but sits on bumpstops. now i looked under and saw that right where you would notch it there is a bracket that holds the rear of the gas tankand the bracket is welded to both sides of the frame. is there any notch that i can put in there bolt on or the only way is a custom c notch a shop would do. i live in north cali bay area. any help or prices would be appreciated

this is the truck now

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