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MKR said:
because turbocharging is far from perfected in that truck as well as rather expensive with not as much gain. it creates huge amounts of heat and takes up a ton of space along with having plenty of lag. the blower is a simple bolt on that can be done by someone who's decent with some tools and looks pretty good when done also.
i agrees a turbo charger is a little more $$ right from the begining, it doesn t take up any more room then a supercharger, and lag ?? what lag i have a gt-66 turbo and have zero lag, the lag is about the time it takes me to get the pedal to the floor, both when done right will look good, yes the turbo will take a little more work to get in but it is worth it, having full boost well before 3000 rpms and holding it till redline is beautiful., and as being perfected, well bill, mike and myself have all had turbo's on our trucks and have been driving them i think bill has had a turbo on his truck for close to 1 1/2 years now, true everything you do even s/c will have bugs that need to be worked out, but i really didn t run into to much more then with my s/c. and if you ask i ve had both a vortech supercharger on my truck and now a race turbo setup.
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