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Bumps stop

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I decided to cut off my bumps stop and found that I have a cup type stop. They are like the ones on the trailblazer. They fit into a cup. The rubber is gone only the cup remains. Was there a change somewhere along the line. 2002 blazer xtreme. I did a google search and have not ran across them. Also the front has the same style. Rubber is gone there also.
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2003 Blazer-X. Cut out the factory cups/stops and added an Energy Suspension stop.

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In my case, it has been a while and I am guessing that it was about an inch difference. My old stops were right on the axle housings and I did not want anything impacting the brand new 9" setup. Also, when I initially cut the factory mounts out, my rear springs had been re-arched and it was way too tight in there. I have since had that reversed. Finally, the roads here in Colorado Springs are terrible! Ruts, potholes, rain culverts.and this Blazer is LOW. I am regularly close to the stops, but the Belltech SP chocks are very tight. This thing rides like a brick. I may end up having to put an inch back into the front and rear once the drivetrain swap is done.
Agreed. I was not ready to go there initially, but once the drivetrain swap is done, it may happen. I definitely need a more long term solution. I love the way this thing sits and it handles like it is on rails.

Something for remops (OP) to think about depending on what his future plans are.
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