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bob06 said:
What I think you need to understand is that alot of the things you pay alot for, such as the computer reprogramming and alot of the manifold and piping work i am getting done for cheap. I'm talkin to the college abotu having the auto class out there do the manifold and piping work and the computer will be really cheap because the guy my uncle knows is somewhat of a hobbeist and will reprogram it for very little if anything.
what you don t understand is we are not saying you can t get the comp reprogrammed if you can go for it, but our computers 96 + don t have the ability to add the extra fuel needed to safely run 6-8 lbs of boost, it can't be done, but if you can prove me wrong go for it i ll be the first in line to get rid of my FMU, i think you need to do alittle more research about whats involed in a turbo kit, materials alone are gunna be $$
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