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bob06 said:
You guys are gonna love this one. I've talked it over with a couple people and now i'm in the process of planning out a turbo install for my truck . This will be a VERY VERY low budget project. We are thinking 100-200 $'s tops. The turbo is going to come from a junk yard ro a salvage yard probably off of an old talon or some other 4 banger with a turbo. We'll be running the cheapest manual boost controller we can find. Intake will be a type of highly heat resistant PVC. I have a friend in automotive tech at the college who can make me a header/manifold(w/e you wanna call it), and i have an uncle who has a friend who can reprogram the chip to compensate for the extra fuel. If we can find an intercooler in the salvage yard then we may also intercool it but this is doubtful since we will be running so little boost. We probly won't run a boost gauge Nothing will be done with the intrnals. We may get a custom built exhaust from the college if we can also. We are planning to run 6-8 psi and get a 30-60 horsepower increase. We aren;t expecting much from this, it is just a project so that i con't hve to live with such pathetic horsepower. With the condition the truck is in it's probably only running a pathetic 95-100 horsepower. We won't be dynoing it but we may try to find someone with one of those palm pilot dyno things and dyno it that way. If anyone lives in the Mid-Missouri area(near or in Sedalia) and would like to help with the instal or help me find parts, all help would be appreciated. If anyone knows of salvage yards within an hour and a half or so of Sedalia then the names and addeesses of the mwould be greatly appreciated also. Any tips would be helpful and i will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

:rolleyes: 100-200 tops

Have fun ain't gona happen.

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