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Brake switch connector

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So a wire came out of the A section of my previous brake light switch connector. I went to the junkyard and got what looked to be identical tho the new one has 2 extra wires that are not connected on my truck. I wired it up at home and now instead of having no brake lights, my brake lights won’t shut off. I’m attaching pictures of both the old and new. Any help would be great bc it’s my daily driver. Thanks.
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What year is your truck, and what year/ model was the junkyard donor vehicle?
94 is mine and 98 at the junkyard
94 is mine and 98 at the junkyard
Well there's your problem. S10 wiring changed on a weekly basis....or at least it seems like it. Get one from rock auto or the same year/model as yours. What's the male side of the connector look like? I'm seeing some differences in yours vs this one from rockauto.

That’s tough 😂 can never be simple and cheap
As they say...if it's simple it's not cheap...if it's cheap it's not simple.

Still need a pic of the other connector.
The top picture is the old connector and the bottom is the new
The top picture is the old connector and the bottom is the new
The connector the new one plugs into.The brake switch...should have been a bit more clear. Been working outside and it's just short of 100*
Just tried hooking up the new clip and same problem the brake wire is Y to another clip near the code reader plug. I’m unsure what the previous owner has done but it’s pissing me off to say the least
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