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Hey Guys,
I have 2 10" mtx thunder 8000 subs. Right now they are in my bed...no blow throgh....I have a cap on my truck and the little breezway tube and have my rear window open on both my topper and turck all the time. It sounds alright...loud outside but not real loud inside the truck.

I am going to be getting a tonneau cover next summer and need to come up with a box design for these speakers inside my truck...I do not want to do blow through. Any ideas? My truck is a 1990 regular cab s-10 with buckets and I like the seat all the way back.

Any pics?


i remember a Sportruck magazine article about building a box for a reg. cab...and they made a wedge style box....but instead of having the back of the box made of the wood...they used the back of the cab and the back of the box...so...you had more room to slide the seat back....the article was only a couple of months ago, Hope this helps
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