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looked for blower n bottles couldn’t find it for some reason so i just put it here some1 move it pls. anyways. i’m looking for a nitrous kit for my sdime ( 2000 extended cab 4.3 vin W ) i’m looking for a kit that comes complete with everything i need for a wet 100 shot. WOT preferably but i’ll do with a button if that’s what the kit comes with. if there isn’t any nitrous kit that come with everything i’ll need to have a 100 wet shot can you guys point me in theright direction to get myself a nice bottle in the back of my truck and a fun switch? thank you!! someone enlighten me!!
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I didn’t see a s10 specific kit on summit but if you get a throttle body spacer u can use any universal kit and tap it for the fuel and nitrous nozzles. Idk how u plan on retarding the timing but make sure u run a colder plug and run it just a little richer on the fuel side than the chart recommends so u don’t burn anything up.

might be some info here
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