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Has anyone ever seen or used one of these?
Goes on your drill and fixes damaged threads on the end of a bolt. So it can start threading easier and not cross thread back when you install it. Works better than trying to grind it or file it.
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A guy I work with has one. I tried it once and it was useless. It didn't even do anything. The concept seems pretty good, so maybe his is just cheap quality, but I wasn't impressed.

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^ that and a set of jeweler's files and plenty of threading dies.

SWMBO was "helping" me a couple of days ago and asked why I always turned the nut or bolt backwards a little ways when starting to thread it. I tried to tell her it comes with experience...the experience of cross threading a few before I learned to find the thread starting point first.

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i bought one and it didn't work , returned it and bought a more expensive one and it works great ....i use it alot at work ....you need to check them out first ( ratings )
none of them work on high speed in drill , you gotta go slow
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