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Body shop quality vs next level

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Hi, I’m hiring my truck out to get restored to factory with a couple mods. Yes, I know I could do it myself but I have neither the time nor the expertise. I llove that damn truck. I would like to make it my daily driver when restored to give perspective.
As I was talking through the detail with the owner of a really reputable restore shop, he said that I could save money with a good “body shop” style paint job that they would do that returns it to factory essentially. I know that there’s Macco body shop, which I don’t think he meant and can be crap. But what is he talking about exactly? What are the options above that?
thanks for any guidance!
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I knew one guy who ended up with a good job from MAACO, in the Quad Cities IA side, like 1993. It was totally as nice as the original new factory, though not show, and it was white, so easier anyway. The key was that he did all the body work himself, got it perfect and to a good primer, pulled all the emblems, bumpers, wipers, trim, and I believe he jambed it himself. That left MAACO to just sand a little, then prime and paint it. I understood that the price goes way up and QC goes way down if you leave the body work to them, and they tape around everything. He just didn't have a spray booth nor climate control nor the experience painting; they did that part fine and for whatever they advertised.
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