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Body shop quality vs next level

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Hi, I’m hiring my truck out to get restored to factory with a couple mods. Yes, I know I could do it myself but I have neither the time nor the expertise. I llove that damn truck. I would like to make it my daily driver when restored to give perspective.
As I was talking through the detail with the owner of a really reputable restore shop, he said that I could save money with a good “body shop” style paint job that they would do that returns it to factory essentially. I know that there’s Macco body shop, which I don’t think he meant and can be crap. But what is he talking about exactly? What are the options above that?
thanks for any guidance!
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I painted this for $8500 about 5 or 6 years ago. With the increases in pricing on everything, i would be at $12k today.

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You guys are nuts. When I see $8500 on a paint job .
that particular truck is a real syclone, in very good condition. It had its engine and trans rebuilt along with the turbo, i got it, painted it while the engine was out, and his final bill was nearly $40k with everything they did.
He flew down from san Francisco to pick it up, and drove it all the way back. Which is awesome, most sy/ty owners would never do that..
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