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So my battery died the other night (left the lights on) and I jump started my 1995 4.3 s10 with our trailblazer. I left the blazer running while jumping the truck.

Before this ever happened I started the truck at work to come home and turned on the lights. Headlights worked but my dash lights didnt work (tach,speedo, ect.)

I noticed today when I went to signal that nothing was happening. I read somewhere that the 4 way flasher switch sometimes becomes gunked up so I sprayed some wd40 down in there and shook the heck out of it.

The signals worked a few times then stopped.

I checked the fuses and my "haz stop" fuse and "turn b/u" fuse were blown.

I switched them out. Tried again lol and blew them again. I don't wanna take it to some garage because I'm more of a DIY kinda guy.

Any info would be very helpful! Thanks!!

All other lights are working by the way that I have noticed. Only ones not working are (instrument panel, brake, turn, back up."
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