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ok i bought a 96 blazer a while back to lift and put in a small block. my plans have since changed and i now want to get rid of the whole thing for the most part. i am going to keep the frame for a future project. so instead of scraping it out i would rather see the parts go to people who really need them. the interior is in good shape and the body isnt to bad either. so if you need any parts pm me and i will let you know a price and how good of condition the parts are in. i am willing to ship most small items at your cost but larger items i prefer either local pick-up or i can meat you some where. i live near toledo, work in bowling green, and my girl friend lives in findlay so any place in that area i can deliver.


ps i have a couple zr2 parts as well.

i also have the transfer case and front diff for sale but im not sure what kind of condition they are in. as far as i know they worked fine when i bought the truck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts