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Blazed888 and Freaks of Nature CC... I was ripped off

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Made a deal with him through PM/for sale thread for this: http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f296/clarion-flip-out-vz401-501027/

After a few days it was finally sent out and I received it and everything at first glance looked fine. I busted out my soldiering iron and got to work on the harness. Had everything wired up (most was RCA style plugs (wife's 02 Highlander) so there were only about 5 wires to soldier) and the unit came on fine. Radio played just fine, and the screen opened and closed with no issues. I tossed a DVD in and it started to read it... after a little over 30 seconds it spit it out and went back to radio. Thinking that something was wrong I grabbed a CD and did the same thing, sadly I got the same results. Thinking I might have to use the controller to make it work I grabbed the box and low and behold no remote. I look a little more and no trim ring either! I sent him a PM, posted in his thread, and sent him an email on the 25th telling him about the issues and that I would be sending it back. I boxed it up and dropped it in the mail "Return to sender" and 2 days later it shows back up here (damn post office). Honestly I'm glad it did because there is no tracking or anything sending it back like that and an honest seller and I were screwed by this exact issue. Item never made it back to him, item never came back here.

Once he post on here I will send it back and have tracking so there can be no issue with it "Never arriving". He has logged in since my first PM/email/thread post and responded to none of it. I'll add all the PM correspondence in the next few minutes, I just wanted to get this thread started. All I want is my money back so I can start looking for another head unit for my wife's car.
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Start posting his name and info and his local craigslist
He wants his name clean but wants to keep pulling this shit. Post pictures up of him, his vehicles, numbers, address ect.

He's reading every message, I guess he just doesn't give a damn. If this does nothing I'll just have to approach it from a different angle. Bygbyrd, might have to use your idea ;)
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He still won't respond to my messages on FB, what a tool.
Well I said I never would but I am... I'm letting this go. I honestly never thought it would go on this long but it did. What a little bitch. I've got some pretty good tabs on him now though. He does deals in Ga. and Fla. it looks like and I have friends all over out there. Every time he puts up a craigslist ad I'm sure he'll get 500 calls from it and maybe when someone wants to buy something off of him late at night they won't bring the money but still leave with the product ;) Even if he does scoot by and not ever meet one of them his little vagina will still pucker up tight every time he goes to meet someone he doesn't know for a deal.
I guess some people just need the money for meth that bad.
I don't know, meth seems a little pricy and uppercrust for him... I think he's into the rush from blowing guys in nightclubs.
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