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Blazed888 and Freaks of Nature CC... I was ripped off

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Made a deal with him through PM/for sale thread for this: http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f296/clarion-flip-out-vz401-501027/

After a few days it was finally sent out and I received it and everything at first glance looked fine. I busted out my soldiering iron and got to work on the harness. Had everything wired up (most was RCA style plugs (wife's 02 Highlander) so there were only about 5 wires to soldier) and the unit came on fine. Radio played just fine, and the screen opened and closed with no issues. I tossed a DVD in and it started to read it... after a little over 30 seconds it spit it out and went back to radio. Thinking that something was wrong I grabbed a CD and did the same thing, sadly I got the same results. Thinking I might have to use the controller to make it work I grabbed the box and low and behold no remote. I look a little more and no trim ring either! I sent him a PM, posted in his thread, and sent him an email on the 25th telling him about the issues and that I would be sending it back. I boxed it up and dropped it in the mail "Return to sender" and 2 days later it shows back up here (damn post office). Honestly I'm glad it did because there is no tracking or anything sending it back like that and an honest seller and I were screwed by this exact issue. Item never made it back to him, item never came back here.

Once he post on here I will send it back and have tracking so there can be no issue with it "Never arriving". He has logged in since my first PM/email/thread post and responded to none of it. I'll add all the PM correspondence in the next few minutes, I just wanted to get this thread started. All I want is my money back so I can start looking for another head unit for my wife's car.
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When was the last message sent?
Saturday, 11:45AM from Sparks Ga. Via mobile phone
what an asshole.sucks that you sent the item back. oh well you still can be immature, and send pizzas and all type of other bs to his house. srs.
Meh, I have to much to lose and I do plan on being back in Ga. next year to go hike the Appalachian Trail and I'm keeping tabs on his whereabouts ;)
Any updates?
  • July 19

  • 12:06pm
    Jonathan KitchensJust wonder if you had a chance to send it out yet.

    You can send it paypal too, that would be much easier for both of us. Just make sure to send it as a gift so there are no fees like I did when I sent it to you.

  • 12:35pm
    Chris HunterI'm send a money order

  • July 19

  • 6:15pm
    Jonathan KitchensThat's fine, just wondering if you got it out yet or had the money order number yet.

  • Wednesday

  • 10:12pm
    Jonathan KitchensHad a chance to send it out yet? Just trying to see what's up.

  • Today

  • 9:58pm
    Jonathan KitchensAny updates Chris?

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Probably waiting to resell the radio to pay you back.
Probably waiting to resell the radio to pay you back.
Honestly wouldn't be surprised lol.
He want's the thread removed before he sends the money back now... good Lord this is retarded.
Wouldn't it be removed after the money is sent back?? Lol this guy is special...
He want's the thread removed before he sends the money back now... good Lord this is retarded.
  • Jonathan KitchensHad a chance to send it out yet? Just trying to see what's up.

  • July 26

  • 9:58pm
    Jonathan KitchensAny updates Chris?

  • Friday

  • 10:39pm
    Jonathan KitchensWhat's going on man, haven't got the money order yet.

  • Sunday

  • 11:04am
    Jonathan KitchensIt's August now, still haven't heard from you.

  • 11:25am
    Chris HunterI know what month it is. Did u get that thread taken care of like u said u was? The money is no big deal I'm just waiting on that to come down

  • 11:44am
    Jonathan KitchensThe thread can't come down until a mod removes it. They will remove it as soon as this is settled, but nothing has happened yet.
    FYI This has nothing to do with me and I will in NO way add to this problem but someone male or female I have no idea has it out for you. I don't know any details but I kept everything about you I knew out of it and regardless of what happens to between us I will. I just wanted you to know there is someone local to you who's really pissed at you for something. I haven't received any emails from them in a few weeks but if I do again I'll forward them to you.

  • 11:52am
    Chris HunterDude wtf is that.

  • 12:04pm
    Chris HunterSend the last one if this is true. I just find stuff like this funny.

  • Today

  • 12:26am
    Jonathan KitchensJust letting you know. Like I said it was awhile back and I was just letting you know. It has nothing to do with me and I want no part of it. Dude seemed retarded, I honestly thought it was a joke at first and it could be, either way whatever. So has the money order gone out yet?

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Try to be nice and give someone a heads up on some crazy mofo and they act all tough like they're so bad. Damn man, just letting you know.
Weekend has came and passed! I'm sure he sent you a tracking number and it is headed your way? LOL!! :rolleyes:
Yeah, I've sent a message every day since Sunday and he has "seen" each within 15 seconds of me sending them and he stopped responding again.
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