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Engine Mods

K&N Air Filter
Modded Air Flow Sensor with resistor off ebay
Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer
Hypertech Programmer
Pully Kit

Exhaust Mods

JBA Headers
2.5" Down Pipe
3" pipe all the way back
Hi-Flow Cat
2-Chamber 50 series Flowmaster

Electrical Mods

Optima Yellow Top Battery.
130 Amp rebuilt factory Alternator w/high speed pulley.
4 gauge from alt to battery.
0 gauge power cable to amp.

Exterior Mods

Vision 6000K HID Conversion for lows.
Xenon Blue high bulbs.
Front APC Clear corners.
PIAA Blue Fog lights.
Street Glow Blue Neon Under Body.
Speed Grill Inserts.
Chrome Painted BowTie.
Painted front license plate cover.
Painted factory high gloss black rear window trim.
Carbon Fiber Tails w/ blue bulbs for reverse.
Limo on all windows except front windshield.
35% on front windshield.

Interior Mods

Blue Neon tubes under front dash.
Blue Neon tubes Bass activated under rear seats.
Blue Neon tubes in 6x9 speaker grills.
Single Blue Bass activated lighting tube above rear view mirror.


Alpine 7864 cd player.
Audiobahn 120 amp ANL fuse holder.
Lighting Audio 2 Fared digital moniter cap.
Rockford Fosgate BD1501 with a rating of 1876x1 rms!
(2) JL audio 12" W6 Version 2 which look like W7's.
Sealed box made to specs.

tell me what you think?

my page with the details http://xtremeblazing.freewebspace.com

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that looks tight as hell man! i was checking that out on car-domain.com earlier and even tried to photoshop those rims on my X. what kind of paint did you use and are you happy with the finished project?

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I used a hi-heat, hi-gloss black spray paint that your find in Checkers auto parts. Just do a good job of taping everthing off and it will turn out great. Its been holding up very well to no discoloration, chiping or anything wrong has happened. I like the way it looks and think it was a huge upgrade untill I get some dubs.

The Dubs Im getting will have a all black center too with a 5" wide chrome lip in the back and 3" chrome lip up fropnt which will look hella nice. Im going to get 20x10 in the back and 20x8 up front.

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yah the calipers and rotors is what got us thats why i sanded and painted ours. id do a 2/3 drop on that. lowering it would make it look sweet!!!

oh here is a black one i did not to long ago

without the 20's...
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what do want for em? I need new winter rubber and was thinking about painting my stock X wheels. You could save me a lot of time...
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