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Black$dime B/D finally.....

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well i am finally starting this thread. i know how much of a picture whore everyone is so i was waiting a while. been working on this since january on and off few hours a day. this is what i started out with-

barnyard lowers....these suck. positive camber wear on the tires...
rs62 slams
aim upper cups...i know aim sucks.
tubbed front with old c10 door skin....what i had layin around.
relocated optima red top
airraid intake
18/20 alba flex...sold to Wicked Mayhem
candy apple tribal flames over hood roof and bedcover.
some stuff shaved
99 blazer rearend with discs swapped in....sold to Money MIke
suicide doors carrier bearing crossmember
suicide doors 3 link.....sold to Money Mike
rs72 slams over axle
f/b 1/2" everything with a 5 gallon and 2 viair 450s
layed out....

all up....

front down...

all torn apart now. good ol 2.75" traditional. i will post build pics when i get them off my camera tonight or tomorrow. later.
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When I had the stock seats I just shortened the factory mounting brackets. You can get a good bit out of them. Had to hammer a spot near the trans tunnel but otherwise easy mod.
So I got my new longer bolts in for upper a arms. I have new locker nuts too but will wait till I get alignment before putting them on.

Started brainstorming on the camper window flipout project. Hoping I can spread the mount out along the inside aluminum window molding to make it strong enough to support the window. I need to find a 1/2" shaft small toolbox lock. No dice so far. If you guys know where I can get one hook a brother up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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for real. I miss this thread.
And sooooo........We completed the window flipout bracket and then busted the damn window on final install.....crap. Ordered the last 2 in the country from Snug Top, one extra for backup. Got the camper back on and the interior finished up. I just realized I have photobucket through December of 2018 so I will post some stuff up. We are rolling to Turkey Drag this weekend to campout. I will take mass pictars.
hell yes. thought you moved to a place where the forum doesn't exist anymore.
Well photobucket seems to changed their mind on pricing. May go back to them. Still have not done **** to my truck. Working on a buddies, sold big house, work is crazy, karate with little man consumes a lot of my time (he is a bad***), bought old house and remodeling. I did get the camper window. My truck is in the Turkey Drag coverage in the new Truckin mag.
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One of the Shotokan warrior. Last pic of me holding a beer, quit on father's day, crappy one of the mag coverage, better on truckin net page, nice edited pic by ssdually, short rolling vid if it ever loads.

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**** this truck, it keeps blowing the fuses from the battery to the battery isolator. We just did a quick bypass to get it working. We will make a proper wire this weekend.
Just back from another show (Turkey Drag), and of course something broke. Seems like every car show something goes wrong. We were an hour away from home and an oil cooler line blew. So far the motor seems to be holding up good. Truck was stopped as soon as it happened.
Grabbed an accuair vu4 block from a neighbor. Gonna pull the bed and camper for Lone Star Throwdown. Swapping all the 1/2" out for 3/8" and finally trashing my super crap valve setup. Pics when I take some.
And I will be cleaning up this **** show in the engine bay.

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James will be coming by to take care of all of that one day this week I hope. Nice and warm here in TX this weekend, 70s. Sanded this sucker down for a repaint.

Chris dropped by and helped me pull the camper. Bed comes off tomorrow because it weighs a million pounds and we need extra hands. Stay tuned.

After 40 grit, then 180 on orbital sander, now 220 by hand then scotch brite to rough all the other areas up.
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Temp bracket to hold fuel cell.

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Top steel tank leaking at the seam, gonna grab some small aluminum ones to swap.

Plug from the steel tank. Junk.

New location for fuel cell.
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Progress. Need to do some trial driving and make sure everything is good then I will loom it up and make it snazzy. All four of the 1/8" fitting from hornblasters are leaking like crazy. Gonna try and clip the ends perfect and retry. I did order different fittings from Thorbecke for backup. By moving the fan relays and junction block to the firewall I now have plenty of room to mount the York 210 which makes me very happy. I will be working on the York edc mount as soon as the weather cooperates.
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