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Black$dime B/D finally.....

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well i am finally starting this thread. i know how much of a picture whore everyone is so i was waiting a while. been working on this since january on and off few hours a day. this is what i started out with-

barnyard lowers....these suck. positive camber wear on the tires...
rs62 slams
aim upper cups...i know aim sucks.
tubbed front with old c10 door skin....what i had layin around.
relocated optima red top
airraid intake
18/20 alba flex...sold to Wicked Mayhem
candy apple tribal flames over hood roof and bedcover.
some stuff shaved
99 blazer rearend with discs swapped in....sold to Money MIke
suicide doors carrier bearing crossmember
suicide doors 3 link.....sold to Money Mike
rs72 slams over axle
f/b 1/2" everything with a 5 gallon and 2 viair 450s
layed out....

all up....

front down...

all torn apart now. good ol 2.75" traditional. i will post build pics when i get them off my camera tonight or tomorrow. later.
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you got some work ahead of you. good luck with it tho.
that firewall is sick!!!! are those actual rivets or painted rivets?
paint looks killer!!!!
other than doing a better battery hold down, what are you doing on the backhalf? looks pretty squared away to me.
the buzz in the stereo could a a ground i think.

i'm not looking forward to inspecting mine. but i chose a '95 as the donor for a reason. It qualifies for just a safety inspection and doesn't need to be plugged in or emission tested. my only concern is the e brake that i've completely removed. so we'll see about that i guess.
i have to check if a line lock will qualify as an e-brake. some states require that it be mechanical and separate from the hydraulic system.
not in NY buddy
Brake update......just noticed my master cyl to proportioning valve line routing is ass backwards...whoops.
I think i did the same thing on mine....from the master to the Prop valve, the bigger ports match and the smaller ports match right?
Glad to see this thing hasn't died!!! Keep plugging away bro.
Sick bro!!!!! Keep killing it!!!!
1 - 10 of 829 Posts