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Is nothin going to be easy working on my truck:booty: lol!?!

Last night it was about 930 and I was bored so I worked on my interior a bit (fixed the headliner..whoo hoo!) and thought I would put in my billet pedal kit. Thought it would be cake....

They need to include these instructions in the kit:

1: Rip old POS fatcory pedal off. (I dont see how this could be done anyother way)

2: File down the metal so your billet gas pedal will be able to fit. (No other way to slide it on)

3: Laugh at the outline to drill the holes to fit on the break pedal,wipe tears away and disguard it.

4: :bash:

5: Smile and let out a sigh of relief because no drilling needed for the ebrake pedal (at least on a 2k sonoma)

6: Now back to work on that brake pedal line up!!!!

5: Shine'em up!! :bah: :bah:

Anyway they look great and it really wasnt that bad!! I also had to use a titanium drill bit to drill the break pedal...

:evilg: LowTech :evilg:

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congrats on getting them on! who make's em? i've been looking for pedals but havent found anything yet......was thinking on just carbon fiber ones but i'd like to see what these look like.......
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