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Finally we could organize to meet almost 20 1994/1995 SS models,

Our informal club has almost 50 SS trucks, some in mint conditions, some with some work ahead, and some been restored.

Unfortunatly I couldn´t participate with mine, but in the next for sure!

Hope everybody enjoy !


Too bad the SS couldn't make it...however, if memory serves, you have some other vehicles that are pretty nice.

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1. squared bodies is the first gen S-10 right? they are very rare, impossible to see. But we know that in 91-93 came to brazil 20 typhoons and 6 syclones;

2. "brazilian women likes american men". you can´t generalize, we are 200million people. I understant that any place that you go women tend to have curiosity for foreigners.

3. I suspect that independent importers brought to Brazil, something between 150 to 200 SS models from 1994 and 1995. In the following years the dollar rate increased to much and a lot of cars stopped been imported, so we don´t have 1996 and 1997 models.

Thanks for watching the video!
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