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His e-mail address is [email protected], and he's screwed me over. The transaction originally started over at www.mys10.com, where he goes by davestr15. I'm putting it here also because I don't want the good group of people here screwed over either. I sent this guy a money order of $140.00 for a set of Beltech 2" Drop Spindles. He received the money order on the 23rd of October, and the place I purchased the money order from, US Bank, verified that it cleared on October 23rd as well. I've asked him on November 3rd if he sent me the spindles, and all he said was "yep." Finally, November 17th, I sent another e-mail asking for either the product, or the money. No replies as of yet.

I should have just saved myself from the anguish, gave up the $10, and ordered them from Stylin Concepts or Summit. Even backordered, they would have been here by now...

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