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Best fitting cowl hood?

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So, I’ve decided on a 4” cowl hood, I like the look (wanted a 6” but four will do)

question. Best fitting? I don’t want a cheap $150 eBay fiberglass hood that doesn’t line up at the corners of the fenders, so I came up with these three, links below. Has to be bolt on, and as close to perfect fitment as possible. I don’t mind cutting the brace out of the center of the steel one but the outer fitment is key.

$349 - lmc - Steel 4”

$657 - 4” Harwood fiberglass show hood - looks like the best cowl shape to me

$339 - 4” summit / key auto parts hood
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In my experience steel aftermarket hoods fit better and have a better overall finish than fiberglass. LMC's prices blow.
I bought an aluminum hood that weighs almost nothing and fits like a stock hood. I think it weighs 13 lbs.
It will be a while when I go home, but I will post pix.
I paid for a carbon fiber cowl hood, but the manufacturer couldn't produce it. They refunded my $$
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any better sources for this stuff as far as pricing?

I saw the aluminum one on eBay, but it was the 2” version.
Not that I know right off hand. I'd probably just Google 'Chevy S10 steel cowl induction hood' and then shop around.
That’s what I’ve been doing lol hoping for a sale
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