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Ok actually I was tired of seeing 'newbie' in every thread in this forum. Although I have browsed this board before because I am friends with another guy with a newer s10 with air-ride on here.

Anyway i just bought a 93 blazer for $700. 93 must have been the first year for the electronic controled tranny, because the provision for the TV cable is still on the bracket.
The thing seems to have most of the options. Electric mirrors, rear hatch pop button, and rear wiper weren't on my other friends 92 so I guess thats 'rarer'.
Oh yeah 4.3 Vortec too.
The thing runs ok but it needs a lot of dumb little stuff done to it.
I opened the hood tonight and found 3 bolts laying on the cross member. Thats always good. Re connected a couple vacum hoses so the crusie works again. Still have a long vacum hose on the passenger side that runs next to another long one that goes to the round ball. Don't know what the second hose goes to. Replaced the blower motor so I got heat.
Thing needs a major tune up or something. Engine doesn't run as hard as a 4.3 should. But at least it goes.
I can't believe with all the options it doesn't have a towing hitch. That shall be added.
Oh yeah the 4wd is pissing me off and not working. Thats about it. Anyway I'll being doing dumb little stuff and posting questions on the board trying to get it back up to shape.
Other then that I have an 89 4x4 bronco for sale for $1995 if anyone wants a bigger SUV.
And my fun car is my Camaro. Thus the dyno numbers!
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