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ibav8 said:
can anyone give a basic explanation of how to wire a 350 with hei distributor............
all new wires and no lights with a pushbutton......starter switch...
just enough wiring to start and charge .........i would greatly appreciate it thanks.
You have described the system I run in Late model / modified in the late 70's. A hotwire ignition switch, starter push button.

Links for HEI info (#1 ) and alternator wiring (#2 ).

Note: With 12 volts to the HEI coil, the wire from the switch / start button wakes up the starter drive.

That's the name of that tune !

#1 http://www.firstgenfirebird.org/firebird/FAQ/engine/ignitionsystem.html

#2 http://www.oldengine.org/unfaq/10si.htm
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