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Saw one of these on the bodydropin forum so I thought I'd start one here.

Post a pic of your bagged ride with some specs on what your setup is.

Pics only please no BS posts.....thanks

Too damn old for this sh*
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Sittin on 235/45/17 (25.3" tall)

2" Spindles
SD Notch
SD Cups
Airlift 2b6s Single Port
SD 5link w/ Super Pivots
Conitech 2600s Single Port

PTC Fittings
1/2" Line to Bags
3/8" Line to Gauges
1/2" SMC Fills
3/8" SMC Dumps
2 Viar 450 Comps
1 SD Stainless Steel Tank (major props to Jason for that)
10 Switch Switch Box

3 Gauge Pod Pillar
2 Dual Needle Airlift Gauges
1 Single Needle Gauge

Tubbed Front
Ditched ABS
Relocated Puke Tank
Relocated Fuse Box
Relocated Battery
Ditched Sway Bar
Ditched Tranny Triangle Plate (Followed Av Tekk's guide)
Custom Downpipe

And more that I'm sure I forgot

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5 gallon slim
stone 2500s back
stone 2600s front
6 smc 3/8s
1/2 line
cut arms and a cute 2 link

Hoods are overrated
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1995 S-10, 2.2 5 speed 290k miles

Airlift 2b6 front 2b7 rear
AIM 2" spindles
stock modified control arms and swaybar
sheetmetal blower box, trailer fenders and notch cover
SD flame bridge 8"
2 link with panhard
5 gallon tank, viair 280, and 3/8" GC and Sirai valves under bed
nissan hardbody shocks for every corner
tubbed cab floor for driveshaft
relocated underhood components to clear 20's
polished intake manifold
painted valve cover

Sonoma Hood
Chrome 1998+ front bumper and 4wd valance
shaved squirters, cab seams, antenna, tailgate handle
'91 Cameo S-10 Pastel Blue paint
1998+ rear bumper, due to dragging off sir mike's rollpan
LED turn signal M3 mirrors

Pioneer CD head unit
Polk door speakers
2" motorola tweeters

17" Eagle 203's with 215/50/17 Ventus tires currently

20" wheels after easter with 225/35/20 tires

I do everything, bags, bodydrops, stockfloor frames, bodywork, stereos, & paint.


Hoods are overrated
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And my other ride

2 seater go-kart frame with live axle
stretched 19"
2 firestone 2500 bags

6"X6"X15" tires
4 lug hubs, honda 4X100 pattern
adjustable seat tracks

Parts waiting to install:
2.8 S-10 Alternator
Deep cycle battery
Aluminum sheet metal dash
black vinyl and foam for seats

Parts needed:
Engine, slant cylinder, OHV w/ electric start
2 switches


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SD 3 Link w/ 2600 Firestone bags on rear

ART upper and lower arms on front w/ 2500 Firestone and SD upper cups

5 gallon tank w/ 1 viar 200 psi compressor

FB setup

AM1 (AW/NAC) P-3's
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ART Uppers
ART Lowers
SD cups
Slam RE-6's single port
2" spindles
18" pacers
1/2" fills
1/2" dumps
5/8" line
York 210 EDC
2-8gals under bed with valves and comps
Tubs in rear w/cover
front wells removed
ABS deleted
shocks deleted
custom swaybar endlinks
custom heater box
triple pillar gauge pod
2-24" semi horns
2 12" semi horns behind grille
1/4" manual semi valve for horns
Wings west air dam
98+blazer grille conversion
projecor headlights
blazer rear end for disc brakes
And more too come!!!!

just got demented
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sorry so big pic.

ART Roadgrater
ART upper and lower control arms
Airlift B26 bags
20" Helo kicks
Sumitumo 245/35/20 tires
1 AZ compressor
1 Viair 380
air lift chrome valves
summit catch can
12 gal tank
belltech 2" spindles

bodydropped on 22s!
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slam rs-72s all 4 corner
extensive front cups
1/2 inch line
gc 450 extreme 1/2 inch fills
smc 3/8 dumps
viair 450
suicidedoors.com plus some custom stuff formed 5 link
gas tank crossmember
everything relocated under the hood
djm 2 inch drop spindles
18/20 panther juices 245/40/18 and 255/35/20

They took our jorbs.
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Ten gallons of air
one 450 (in the process of a sanden 508)
All 5/8 line
Front: SMC half inch fills and 3/8 dumps, with Slam rs62s

Rear: Three link with super pivots
Blitzluft Half inch fills and dumps
Slam re82s

Need To:
Remove front fenders
Remove triangle bracket on tranny x-member
Body Drop

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airlift 2b7
viair 450
5 gal
1/2 3/8 smc
5/8 line
autometer guages

HAVE for the back...NOT installed
sd.com s10 4 link

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belltech drop spindles
air ride upper and lower control arms.
slam specialties es 72's

custom triangulated 4 link
custom notch (to clear ssbc rear disk conversion)
slam specialties rs 72's over the axle.
blazer gas tank with relocated fuel filler

air management:
8 gallon tank
2 viair 450's
1/2" smc fill valves
3/8" smc dump valves

boyd coddington nemesis
front 18 x 7 with 215/45/18
rear 18 x 9 with 285/35/18

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SD super pivot 3 link
SD cups
conti 2500s front
Slam RE8 rear
Sd shock bar and tabs
SD notch and bag brackets
Air lift EDC kit
12 gallon tank
Air lift Gauges

MSD ingnition
K&N intake
Magnaflow muffler and high flow cat.

Shaved: Antenea,gasdoor,tailgate,3rd light

18x8 Boyd magneatos 225/40/18 kumhos
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