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bagged lincoln

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I have a bagged 99 lincoln towncar thats is sitting on 22s has tan leather interior which is in great shape,tinted windows car runs and drives good it has 6 valves,12v compressor and 5 gallon tank the car has ac/heat but needs the blower fan and theres a spot on the back quater were there was a dent and someone tryed to fix the back will lay out on 22s (IF YOU DONT WANT TO TRADE DONT OFFER AND WASTE MY TIME)

looking for somthin else bagged really want somthin bodydrop,somthin on rims,dually,lifted just lmk wat you have
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i got a 2004 2door 2wd blazer with 28k miles on it, lowered with brand new 20" rims. hit me up if interested. also how many miles on your town car? im just looking for something with 4 doors, my blazer books at 8500... thanks
More pictures? Air setup? Undercar?
im pretty sure he traded it off
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