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bag install help

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Hey guys, need a little help. I've got my bags and valves and everything coming from fbi. It's just the front setup, but i was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers on installation. Like what to trim and what all i need to keep in mind when bagging my '98 s-10. I know i can get the bags and brackets in, but when it comes to the valve and switch, i am lost. Thanx in advance!

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while putting the bags in, check for places where it will rub, you will probably need to trim the spring pocket. there is a lip inside the spring pocket, kinda like a half pipe, you have to cut that off. When the bag is in, it will bulge out a little, towards the wheel, so you will have to eyebrow the spring pocket ,like a half moon shape, an inch at the most. The valve should have 3 ports on it. In 1 port the airline from your air tank will go in, The other port will go to the airbags and the third port is for the air to dump out of. Hope this helps.
another way you can see, how much room is around your bag when its fully deflated, is to mount the bag, and put your hand around it and in most cases, if you hand aint small, lol, the width of your palm is about the needed space to deflate, if your hand doenst rub against anything your straight. hope this helps. e-mail me any q's? [email protected]:bash:
yeah it's taking longer than i expected. I ordered about 3 and a half weeks ago. I hope they aren't going to **** me. And thanx for the pointers. I need to call them back and make sure they haven't forgotten about me.

There proabably going under. I'm holding on door shave kit tailgate skin 2 4inch blocks 1st gen euros 45 degree box for skin steel rollpan and other stuff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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