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Thanks to Tom on transfer case problem. now another stupid question.

The engine in this blazer came from sources unknown. It runs good, but the exact year is hard to determine. It originally had a thottle body, but was modified to a carburator.

Standing in front of it the other day, i noticed a breeze. The fan runs couterclockwise and the pitch caused air to blow forward, through the radiator. This might work now that temp is low, but summer will present a problem.

Since I don't know the year and even the model, I can't find the right fan blade. Several trips to junk yard, poking under hoods yielded nothting but muddy shoes.

It has a serpantine belt when loops backwards over a smooth pulley on the water pump, which causes rotation backwards from the engine.

Even the engine number is not help. A rebuilder told me the basic block was used for several years and accessories, like the water pump housing are what differentiate the years. The Chevy dealer was also no help. I suspect he could have helped, but didnb't want to take the time.

Can anyone help me determine the model, year(s) that this engine likely came from?
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