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99 s10 4.3 for sale
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ok i'm gonna cut to the chase and simply state that i'm an idiot when it comes to some things and dealing with backspacing is one of them....

i recently had my truck stolen and my 17'' kmc's were gone (obviously, but im just glad the rest of the truck wasn't messed up too bad) so i want to move up to 18's. i'm looking for something sporty (instead of flashy this time around) and in either black or gunmetal (or something dark like that)...i've seen a couple of rims that i like, but they're all made for the compact import scene. it seems the backspacing (or at least im told...) is whats screwing up the compatibility problem.

oh yeah, i'm looking to spend under $1600 including tires...

any suggestions?:confused:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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