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Here's the story on my experience with Autobahnwholesale/ Zmotive.com...


1x Set of Street Scene Speed Grilles
1x Set of Street Scene Mirrors
1x APC Billet Gauge Bezel


Got the wrong type grille for my truck... exchange under way...

Mirrors sent were "Street Smart" Chasis Tech Knock offs...
according to customer support, I didn't specify Street Scene Cal Vu's... (bs) :bs:

APC Billet Gauge Bezel is on back order until 1st week of Feb.

I haven't exactly enjoyed my experince wit these folks, hope you have better luck if you use them...:madfinger
:bash: :twak::cuss:

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I hear ya there.........
Dec 10 (or there abouts) I ordered a white face guage for my 97 Noma w/o tach. There was a sale ad in Truckin', which is the only reason I bought from them. $45.99 vs $79.99 is a big difference. Well, I got it after about 15 days, and it was with a tach. I called and the person taking the order says, "Oh yeah, it says on your order 97 Sonoma without Tach." I say, "Good job, Sherlock!" So they give me a number to customer service. At this point, all I really want is my money back. So I call the Customer Service number and this azzclown tells me that the company that makes the white face guages that they are running the sale on doesn't make them for a 97 Sonoma without tach, only with the tach. So I ask why they didn't just tell me that when I ordered it. He says he doesn't know, but ship it back and they will pay shipping and refund my money. So I ship it back and pay the $4.35 for the shipping, which they are supposed to repay. I get my bank statement this weekend and the jizz-mongers only credit me 35.96. So I call the Customer Service AGAIN, and they tell me it is a 20% re-stocking fee because I opted not the buy the more expensive one when they sent me the wrong one the first time. I said bullphuckin****, let me talk to a manager. I explain the whole thing and remind him that the whole thing would have never taken place if they had simply informed me when I order the phucker that it wasn't for sale. He makes me wait like 10 minutes and finally comes back and says he will sell me the APC (which does make it for my truck w/o tach) for the same price. I said okay, which I probably shouldn't have done, cuz I can only see that biting me in the azz, but hey, a $79.99 face guage for $55.00 is an okay deal...
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