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Auto to Manual Swap - 1st Gen

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I have a 1991 S10 (4.3L with 700r4), and I was wanting to throw an NV3500 in there. I know I need everything from a shift knob to the pedal assembly. I know I'll have to cut a hole for the shifter, but as far as installation I don't have a clue. Would I have to get a new crossmember? Would I have to hack at the firewall for the pedal assembly? I have heard that I will need to remove the dash but I'm not entirely sure. Any input would be much appreciated.
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Just find another 89-93 4.3 5 speed and take everything you need off it. It's a fairly big project. I'd pull the seats, dash and steering column for starters. I think the crossmember will be OK. Not sure on the driveshaft. You'll need to do some re-wiring to eliminate the park neutral safety switch and add the clutch safety switch. Back ups are wired different also. A 91 S10 factory service manual and this wiring manual would be a big help:
This is a 1990 S10 Factory manual, but IIRC there should be no differences:
There are not really any s10s in good shape near me, especially a 4.3 5 speed. I was just going to find the pedal assembly, transmissions, etc. and throw it in there. I know if i go with the NV3500 I'm going to need the variant with 1st gear having a 3.49:1 ratio.

So far my list consists for the swap consists of:

  • Transmission
  • Shifter
  • Shift knob
  • Shift boot
  • Pedal assembly w/ cable linkage
  • New rear end gears
  • Possibly driveshaft?
  • And now a clutch safety switch

I really didn't think about a clutch safety switch. How would I go about wiring it? And as far as a rear end what gear ratio should I go with?
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There won't be any cable to the pedal it's all hydraulic. You rear end is fine as is. It's based more on engine size than trans type.
Do a search on here for auto to manual swaps. I get the feeling you need to study the details bit more before tearing into your truck.
It's all hydraulic? I thought the first gens had a cable clutch. I've been searching the forums but i'm seeing a lot more stuff for the second gen stuff, and I'm not entirely sure how different installing a transmission into the 2nd gen trucks are than the 1st gen. I figured I didn't absolutely need to regear the rear end, kinda thought regearing would probably help with fuel mileage.
If it's a 4.3, some had 3.08 rear ends and got better mileage than the more common 3.42 which had worse mpg, but better acceleration. Particularly in the heavier models.
Ah ok. I’ll start pokin around more online and see if i can find a bit more info before I attempt a swap.
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