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ATTN:Looking for new members

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If you are not affiliated with any current clubs and want to be, we might be the club for you.

Trick Motorsports is a relaxed, fun-loving club who is interested in having a good time and going to shows and meets. It is not a hardcore club who demands to be at all shows. We are looking for people who are car and truck enthusiasts and love to have fun in a legal way.

If you want to join, then reply back here or go to our website and register.

Your truck does not have to be show quality.

Hope to hear from you soon.


:fart: :barf:
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Can You Take Out Of State Members? Im Stationed In Louisiana With The Air Force
Where ya from locally sdimeguy??
We always welcome all guys!
hey bret are you the guy that chase brought out to the rc shack?
Andrew is as far north as we are,hes outside of Peoria,well south of ya still.
Well if you say he can do a hell of a job I will look for him when I get back. I got the money just need freakin time. damn army lmao
Just found this thread/quote... kinda old, but... When you get back from serving our country, let me know if you are ready to get some air on your truck. Now that I am living in Bloomington, I'm working at BBT in Champaign on a regular basis. So you will have our combined quality and customer service.
workin at BBT fab eh? thats pretty sweet. i've seen pics of the work to come outta there... and i know your work. that is some daaamn good work! :tup:
I'm not on the fabrication side at this time. Troy and a few others have that covered for the time being. The shop is very busy and it's taking on more work every week. I've recently been brought in as shop manager. My responsibilities include handling customers, orders, estimates, invoices, quotes, suppliers, contacts, project scheduling, promoting, etc. There's a lot to do in every aspect of a legitimate business. BBT is definitly an 'up and coming' shop that does excellent work. Big things are going on. They will soon be on the streets and at the shows.
thats pretty sweet man. sounds like a great shop.
Here's a link to a thread Troy started on here, just a couple pics really.



I've got BBT in my myspace friends list. Got some good pics.

Join'd the TMS site just waiting for admin approval. From the pics looks like my 91 is the ugliest. WOO WHOO
I dunno if anyone is at home on the old TMS forum,or did you meen the new TMS myspace page?
yeah, we usually do all our chattin over s10forum. its just eaiser that way.
I dont do myspace. Guess I am out on that one. Oh well.
I dont either,thats why my myspace has my name location and 1 picture just so I can read the TMS page!
Well, the guy I was going to buy the S10 from decided he didnt want to sell it after driving over too get it. Not very happy about it, but found another one in Bement going to look at this afternoon.
hey bret are you the guy that chase brought out to the rc shack?
yeah that was me
Just wondering if there is a shreveport louisiana chapter or one in the surrounding area. i have a 1997 s10 ext cab, dropped 2/3, and several other mods
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