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Are my torsion bars adjusted incorrectly?

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1999 S10 ZR2

Im replacing my bushings and ball joints. When i was taking the torsion bar adjuster bolt out of the crossmember it seemed like it was screwed in much farther than it should be with only about four threads exposed between the head and the threaded hole (see pictures). Ive never touched them before but ive heard of people doing this to gain an extra inch or so lift out of the front and im wondering if a previous owner did that.

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I might be a little late answering this....
What you have pictured may not be out of the ordinary. You could measure and adjust for the "Z" height as described in the pics. The description says to measure center of pivot bolt to lower corner of ball joint (imaginary line across). This is not very clear, so just measure from pivot to ground and lower corner of ball joint to the ground, then subtract the 2 numbers to get the Z height. Pics are just for reference. The bolt is not easy to turn with the weight of the front end loading the torsion bar. I've always used a floor jack to take some weight off the front, adjust the screw then lower jack to re-measure the height.
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It is indeed a FSM. Good investment at the time. Happy to share info if somebody needs it.
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