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APC Clear tail lights, 2nd Gen S10

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This listing is for

APC Clear Rear Tail Lenses for 2nd Gen S10/sonoma/hombre

1994-2004 Chevy S10
1994-2004 GMC Sonoma
1996-2000 Isuzu Hombre

These are basically brand-new condition. Originally got them from a friend 8-ish years ago, he had them installed for a day, didn't like them and put his smoked ones back on. Then I used them for a few hours for a show. Other than that, they've been sitting in the original packaging in my closet.

I know the price is kind of high compared to what these originally sold for but I'm strapped for cash.

Thanks for the view,
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yes you are on drugs strapped for cash or not, shouldnt take that out on everyone else.
I will give you the 80.00 starting bid today for them
It's worse than drugs. It's golf :p Agreed to go to an outing I probably shouldn't have. But anyways,


I lowered the starting to bid to $70.00 yesterday. There is currently a bid for $70.00. (+shipping)

23ish Hours left, good luck and I hope they go to a nice home. :D

1 - 2 of 12 Posts