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Dos anyone know if the front bumper off a 96'Sonoma is a plastic cover, or a steelbumper like an s-10. I hit a deer with my 96'SS, and the insurance company cut a nice fat check to me-needless to say I'm getting a few goodies outta the deal. I want the envoy headlights and grille, but I don't like the front bumper cover, I just don't like the "bulkiness" of it. I saw a front bumper from an older sonoma on Sportruck Specialties s-10(with envoy headlights), but I don't like the "grooves" in the top of that bumper. Anybody out there got a "clean" looking solution. I'm just not real wild about foglight and intake holes in the front of my truck. Ideas are welcome too!!! Thanks:bash:


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Man you should warn people about that...it hurts to look at!!

shoulda been there...I also need to know if anyone knows if the regular s-10 hood fits the envoy grille and headlights.
Envoy conv.

I know that the hood will work, the top line on the headlights and grill are no different, but the bumper may be a problem, if the bumper from a 96 will take the 98 grill then it should work but i dont know if thats what you want, and it looks like you dont want to envoy bumper cover too, you could just get a stock 98+ sonoma bumper and do something with that, not sure, sorry to see your truck like that, damned deer, a friend and I hit a deer a couple years ago in his Merkur, he loved that car, only had it two days before we creamed this doe, messed the car up bad, good luck

that pic makes my ass pucker!!!:eek: looks like it was a buck you hit!:bash: hope you are doin all right.:( the best project trucks with the best out comes almost always start with an acident! good luck with the ride!:drinkhaha
i can't even imagine that happening. damn that sucks though, good luck though bro
Glad you are all right

Hate to see something like that man!looks like its time to try those new ideas you were having.
the pre 97 sonoma bumpers are metal; so if you went with the newer headlight settup, you could use the older bumper for a more streamlined look. You'd need to shave the turn signal slots (because your new headlights will have them integrated in), but you could also shave the license plate bracket holes, hell even smooth out the "grooves" you're talking about.

The s-10 hood will line up fine, but the center ridge won't look right....you might try a cowl induc hood without that ridge
my dad has totaled 2 cars thanks to deer....those frolicky bastards. but its ok, the cars were a chevy nova and a buick lesabre :bah:
ouch man that hada hurt, i hope your back on the dragging soon
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