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Anyone from around Long Island, NY?

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i always see a lot of s10's driving around. we should all get together
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Dagreenmonster is. Not sure of exactly where but hes close

Show in Meriden Ct this saturday come join us should be a decent amount of minis there. Ive got a lil convoy of 8-10 rollin in together around 9:30ish. Ill post up the address in a minute for you if you decide you wanna join us.

999 west main st Meriden CT. Its Hubbard Park
Bout a two hourish little cruse for ya.
Whats going on man? Yea I am out in Suffolk county. We got a bunch of us out here lol
If you are interested in joining up with a club, Check out our page. We got a bunch of guys from Nassau and Suffolk county
you guys have so much more prospect worthy guys out your way then I do Johnny. shit im luck if I see a bone stock s10 around here its weird. Forget minitruckers..
I gotta go down way south CT to find talent lol
I'm from LI Nassau county just got a 2003 s10 LS and just joined the forum posted before to see if anyone had a air dam they were looking to sell no responses yet
cricket cricket
I'm from Lindenhurst, currently living in Patchogue. I drive a red 2000 s10 2.2 flex model LS. Holla!
I'm in Hicksville and i drive a Ram 1500 crew cab. The S10 is under construction in the driveway....also a crew cab.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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