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anyone bought from Rogs00?having an issue

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ok guys had this forum member Rogs00 offer me an envoy spoiler he had for sale for 80 shipped which to me was a good deal so i took it and sent him the money via paypal gift(i know that was dumb) anyway 6 days later the spoiler still hasnt been shipped to my knowledge. ive attempted to contact him multiple times to ask about it and was told 2 days ago he would ship it out in the morning yet it appears that hasnt happened either and again he refuses to answer my messages both vistor and private and yes he has been logged on.
pretty positive at this point that ive been ripped off!! just thought id let everyone know so they didnt suffer the same fate i have. ive had many good deals on this forum from some great guys so i guess it was my time to find the bad apple in the bunch!

in short: DO NOT BUY FROM ROGS00!!
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As an update for everyone my money was refunded today at least
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