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Any paint shop hookups?

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I need to have my new valance I just picked up the other day painted after a snafu with the current one..

Can anyone help a brothah out? :D
I could just break off a piece of this one so it could be matched.. :rotf:

Either that or I've been fighting with just leaving it all black and just poppin it on when the white stuff is gone..
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just painted the same color it is.. no blending needed..
I'm not in a hurry, i wont be installing it till the snows gone..

PM sent :)
Hey lonoma, get my message? :)

Yeah man I got it sorry I haven't hit you up yet been busy as hell I will hit you up tonight cause I will be in brooklyn park tomorrow
Right on.. thanks

Chris D I seen you last week with an asian girl in your truck. You were at 98th and Nicollett infront of kennedy.. I wasent in my truck but I would of killed it if I was ....
What were you driving? something that would have stood out?

I'm sure you would have smoked my shit in just about anything you drove,
my trucks nickname is "Gutless" :D

What do you have? 4.3 or 2.2? :p
I was driving my dodge stratus hahaha.. and for my mini, there ain't any motor work done to it. I like to drive slow in the truck... I was talking about I would of hit some switches or draged some
shoulda honked at me to confuse me as if I knew ya.. :haha:

as for the switches, bags are for people who can't commit :D
ended up saying fawk it and tossed on a stock unpainted valance as much as I hated to do so..



I decided to tint the bumper signal lights to blend in a little more with the valance..
I think I'm just going to buy another valance and hit harbor
freight for a spray gun and ruin some body parts ;)
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Which did ya think looked better?
the first picture of the painted lower valance or the all black valance?
1 - 10 of 22 Posts
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