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Any paint shop hookups?

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I need to have my new valance I just picked up the other day painted after a snafu with the current one..

Can anyone help a brothah out? :D
I could just break off a piece of this one so it could be matched.. :rotf:

Either that or I've been fighting with just leaving it all black and just poppin it on when the white stuff is gone..
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Chris D I seen you last week with an asian girl in your truck. You were at 98th and Nicollett infront of kennedy.. I wasent in my truck but I would of killed it if I was ....
I was driving my dodge stratus hahaha.. and for my mini, there ain't any motor work done to it. I like to drive slow in the truck... I was talking about I would of hit some switches or draged some
Haha good one. But your girl said she loves it when I go low... hahaha
I've dragged a whole year with a leakin gas tank. Now if that ain't not commitment I don't know what is..... ^^^ I'm with bobby...
My opnion its the first one looks better too me
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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