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I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the XUV... it seems so unique, but all I found is some derogatory write-ups.
Does the mid-gate seal properly?
Being top heavy, how bad is the handling?
Does the roof leak?
Do the 2003 & up UC6 GM CD-changers have a remote location or does the unit somehow hold all 6 discs?
What was the off-road tire?
Where was the compressor for the optional air level control? I had a Monte Carlo SS454 and it was mounted on the inner fender & ran off the motor like Cadillac & Buick Riviera but these are electric I believe.
What is the Traction Assist and how does it work? Back in 1970, it shot a tar-like substance from aerosol cans mounted in the trunk over the wheels, onto the tires!
Does the rear defogger defog the mid-gate or the tailgate?
Are the headlight washers any good?

I can go on & on but this is a start for now... Thanks.
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